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About us


Centre for Awareness Promotion (CAP) Nepal, is a non-profit organization established in 2003 and located in Kathmandu Nepal. The primary aim of CAP is to combat gender based violence, gender discrimination, labor exploitation and cultural malpractices. CAP Nepal also works for children’s right and women’s right.

CAP Nepal provides various services to girls and women who have been, or at the high risk of being exploited not limiting to those working in adult entertainment sector. CAP Nepal envisions to create society free of gender based violence, in which women and girls are self-reliant and lead non-violent and dignified lives.


To create gender parity and good labor relationship through service and advocacy.


CAP Nepal envisions creating a society free of violence in which young girls and women are self-reliant lead to dignified life.


To reduce Gender Based Violence and labor disparity in Nepal through provision of equal rights and access to service for marginalized young girls and women by taking several reformatory measures.


    • To minimize prevalence of human trafficking, commercial sexual and labor exploitation and cultural malpractices through awareness and service.
    • To address sexual and commercial exploitation of women and girls working at entertainment sector.
    • To provide holistic therapeutic shelter service for adolescent girls who are violence survivor.
    • To promote evidence based advocacy through survey and researches on contemporary issues
    • To implement sustainable income generating and skill based activities to enhance livelihood opportunities of marginalized women.
    • To promote health education, information and service for violence survivors.
    • To align our program and activities with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).