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Is reservation threat to men!!!

Being the person of twenty first century we claim our self to be very busy and forget that we are social animals who is unique because of their humanity. We these days have become that animal which only take care of own appetite like that of  wild animal who hunts other twice a day in order to get the tommy full and damn care what will be the further consequence. Despite of our busy life however we manage to make a meet up in the junction and have some kadak chiya with salted topics like “Government is main reason behind every problem of our country” and many more. Today I want to talk about one of those salted topics “reservation for women”.

The new constitution of Nepal has reserved 33 percent seats for women in federal and provincial parliaments. Even in different organizational structures too. Reservation seat for women in public vehicle. Different campaign like providing cycles, oils etc. for female students in schools. Simply giving much more priority in comparison to that of male citizen. This changes has put forward male citizen to take a march protesting about it. Often get to hear doesn’t constitution of our country engulfs “Every citizen are equal for nation”, then why aren’t they amending the law or enforcing new law that includes reservations for male too “State is performing injustice with us (male friends). We male need reservation seat too.” And the thing that triggers in my mind is do we really know what equity refers too. These scenarios are getting complicated and perplexed day by day.

What we need to do is just know the reason why state is prioritizing female citizen? Then we will realize how wrong our perception are. We since our three to four generations are reading that our country Nepal is developing country. Let’s question ourselves, “Do we really want our next generations do read the same?” About 51.4 percent of our total population are female according to latest census. UNDP 2015, ranks Nepal 115th out of 188 countries for gender equality. In order to get upgraded government has enforced 33 percent reservation.  This is not only the reason though. We guys really need to remember if we find a day where we don’t know about the news of abuse or rape or violence. Yes, we do find it but very rarely, may be once in long duration. This things are even overtaking the first page of newspaper market, time and again. So in order to make female friends more comfortable, confident and independent in our place, this system is enforced. Let’s just imagine, how proud we will feel if our mother/sister will be in high positions and we being called he is police officer’s son/brother or etc.  How proud will we feel when every mother and sisters are safe from violence and abuse?

Dear dear male friends, equity isn’t a threat to male’s progress in fact is a bliss. Equity refers to the quality of being fair and impartial.  We people these days only have a glance on the cover and put forward our judgment but indeed don’t want to know what really is inside that cover. When there is reservation of 33 percent, we don’t realize that there is already 67 percent for us. 33 percent reservation doesn’t matter at all, what matters is our ability. Let’s be men and not blame other for our failure.

Equity must be promoted so that equality gets maintained.

Saru Khadka