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Why should Child Labour?

Every Citizens,
Nepal, Asia
Sub: Let’s save our future.
Dear Friends,

If you internalize, we are murdering our future ourselves. But we never get tired of blaming each other for the slow development; sometimes cursing the government and so on. Have we ever internalized what if we ourselves were the reason behind it?

Nepal is a developing country. We have been reading this in the textbook from generations and generations. I am not telling it on the assumption but telling this because my grandfather just yesterday told me, “ Oh my goodness, I also read Nepal is developing country during my school days and you are still reading this” and simply laughed. And now I fear if upcoming generations too will read this.

I am very conscious about my offspring reading the same thing in the next centuries too. So, I researched what was probable reasons behind my country not getting promoted from developing country to a developed country. And most of the time I find the single verse as the reason “Child Labour”. Child Labour refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and is mentally, physically, socially or morally harmful.

Children are those kinds who can be shaped and molded the way we want. Time and often we have been hearing “Children are the future pillar of our country.” And our country wants many engineers to build bridges between two villages, roads in the hills, earthquake resistance houses for poor citizens. Our country wants doctors to cure physical abnormalities and mental abnormalities (social problems) existing as chaupadi, kamaya and so on. Similarly, our country wants different skilled manpower to develop our country.

But sadly, we aren’t contributing to it. We are being a hindrance and building a wall between a child and his doctor degree, child and her engineering degree, child and her pilot degree and so on by making them work as a labor today. Our future is not getting literate, how shall it read its history of its ancestors. Our future is not getting skilled, how will it create another history for its ancestors.

Yes! Change is hard. It takes eras to happen. But let’s just imagine how does it feel to be listed as the starter of change from where Nepal really speeded towards development. Let’s do it together, let’s say no to child labor, let’s report child labor, let’s nourish them with intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and skill all together. Because 1000 sounds better than 1.
Let’s abolish child labor!
Say no to child labor

With regards,
Saru Khadka