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Is reservation threat to men!!!

Being the person of twenty first century we claim our self to be very busy and forget that we are social animals who is unique because of their humanity. We these days have become that animal which only take care of own appetite like that of  wild animal who hunts other twice a day in...

How the future could resemble

Through these services, we support survivors for healing their trauma and help them to rebuild their lives and their self-confidence. ======================== Since April 2014, the Angels Joy organization, located in California, USA,,  is funding 'Angels Home' in order to provide shelter and a safe haven, where young girls who are minors and victims of violence, can be...

Coffeeshops continue to conquer

The shelter program has proved to be a successful rehabilitation tool in the past. From our own experience we have observed that following their stay at the shelter, about 80% of the victims of sexual exploitation are successfully reintegrated. A successful reintegration is qualified by factors such as possessing safe and stable employment, a sustainable...

Latest Fashion Trends 2016 SPORT 21 D

CAP Nepal runs a shelter home which was started in 2011. To date, over 118 beneficiaries have received shelter and support there and have felt able and capable enough to change their situation and move toward a better future. CAP Nepal is well established and known amongst the various agencies and organizations for it’s commitment to...

Our Awareness program regarding proper sanitation and health care

Our aim is to educate every individual women and make them aware of how to take proper care of their health and follow proper sanitation .These programs are focused towards addressing issues of personal health care, hygiene, and prevention of illness. We are organizing various health camps at regular intervals which are targeted towards providing health...