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Media Outreach

1. Sankalpa Magazine
CAP Nepal produces quarterly magazine Sankalpa which is the only magazine dedicated to the issue of CSEC in the AES in Nepal. The goal of the magazine is to raise issues of girls/women working in AES and the prevailing exploitations in the sector. The magazine is helpful to put out many hidden stories of CSEC, exploitations and violation of human rights in to the light. The magazine includes articles of social activists, stories of violence survivor, burning issues of CSEC and interviews with different personalities such as government officials, activists, lawyers, NGO workers, and policy makers. Sankalpa helps to initiate and update conversation regarding AES in Nepal.

2. E-publication
Acknowledging Social Media as effective tool for advocacy, CAP Nepal publishes various case studies, success stories, articles, interviews of important personalities, news and important updates on Gender Based Violence, cultural malpractices, women empowerment, CSEC and AES.

CAP Nepal conducts innovative awareness and advocacy program at grassroot and policy making level such as drama, documentary, dohori songs, interaction with local teachers and leaders, meeting with related government representatives and citizen forums in three source districts to aware and sensitize community people, local government and policy maker on issues of Gender Based Violence, cultural malpractices and AES.