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Peer Educator Program


1. Peer Meeting

CAP Nepal has current pool of 150 Peer Educator who were or are involved in Adult Entertainment Sector (AEC). Monthly meeting is organized where Peer gets to share their problem, learning and report any cases of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in entertainment sector. CAP Nepal also facilitate savings of Peer Educator through Sangini bachat program where individual piggy bank has been made for peers to save money in need.

2. Counseling Awareness Legal mobile (CALM) services:

CALM services is outreach program to reach girls and women working in the hotspots of AES; high risk adolescent girls in and outside the Kathmandu valley and communities of source districts to provide psycho-social and legal counseling, medical check-up, issue sensitization and violence prevention.

3. Empowerment and Enrichment Workshop

Empowerment and Enrichment workshops is conducted to  build confidence level of violence survivor and those involved in AES through income generating training and workshop under Peer Educator Program. These training and workshops helps for self-care, self-realization and sensitize exploitation, trafficking and understand different social, legal and health related issues. Through the workshop the female workers will also be provided non-formal education, practical information and other life skills to handle day to day activities more efficiently.  

4. Formal Educational Program

In order to support education of needy children of violence survivor and those working in AES, CAP Nepal provides Formal Educational support to fifty children per year. CAP Nepal provides education fee, stationary cost and other educational material.

5. Social Service Unit

CAP Nepal facilitates social service unit in Paropakar maternity and women hospital in Kathmandu Nepal under the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP). Through this program, CAP facilitates to provide full or partial subsidies in medical services to six major categories of patients. They are 1. Poor 2. Helpless 3. Elder citizen 4.female community health volunteers 5. Disable people 6. Survivors of gender based violence.