Shelter (Angels Home)

CAP Nepal runs a shelter home which was started in 2011. To date, over 118 beneficiaries have received shelter and support there and have felt able and capable enough to change their situation and move toward a better future. CAP Nepal is well established and known amongst the various agencies and organizations for it’s commitment to provide shelter assistance to commercially sexually abused and trafficked minors in the adult entertainment sectors. Therefore, CAP Nepal receives referrals from many agencies, including the Police, for long term as well as transition shelter support.

The shelter program has proved to be a successful rehabilitation tool in the past. From our own experience we have observed that following their stay at the shelter, about 80% of the victims of sexual exploitation are successfully reintegrated. A successful reintegration is qualified by factors such as possessing safe and stable employment, a sustainable income, basic life-skills and exhibiting psychological balance. But most importantly, the survivors do not go return to the life in entertainment sector or other forms of exploitation.

The shelter program largely deals with issues of prevention, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration. It works to guarantee the right to safety, immediate care, protection and recovery, for survivors of violence. This program is housed in a care facility based in Kathmandu that is dedicated to only girls. Not only does the shelter provide physical space for the girls to stay, it also provides an emotional space that creates a safe and therapeutic milieu for autonomy, choice, and empathy. Our process restores in the girls and women the ability to trust and rediscover the belief in them.

The process encompasses five steps:

  1. First response
  2. Intake
  3. Assessment
  4. Rehabilitation activities
  5. Reintegration processes.
Through these services, we support survivors for healing their trauma and help them to rebuild their lives and their self-confidence.


Since April 2014, the Angels Joy organization, located in California, USA,,  is funding 'Angels Home' in order to provide shelter and a safe haven, where young girls who are minors and victims of violence, can be protected and nurtured. Angels Joy believes in a holistic approach knowing that the key to healing the deep wounds suffered by these young girls who have been violated, is in providing material help alongside integrated therapies like yoga, meditation, and the teaching of basic human values.

Stop commercial sexual exploitation program

Adult entertainment sector refers to the dance bars, dohori (Nepali folk songs bar) massage parlors, cabin restaurants, spa and open snacks shops and guest houses. According to the study of free the slaves (2010) there are over 12000 cabin restaurants, dance bars and massages parlor in kathamandu valley alone. Where half of the female workers report forces commercial sexual exploitation. Similarly, Maiti Nepal reports approximately 100000 girls/women either working directly as full time employees or indirectly as part time employees in entertainment sector, among them 50% are minors. By the time, adult entertainment sector in Nepal has evolved as one of the sectors where commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls is frequently occurs.

Despite this, hundreds of new girls enter the entertainment sector each year as it is one of the fastest growing illicit economies in Nepal and in the world. Some major factors for girls entering this industry are:

  • Illiteracy
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Gender based violence
  • Patriarchal social structure

Ten year long armed conflict in Nepal also significantly contributed in mounting the number of women and girls in this sector. The conflict compelled the thousands of people to internally migrate to cities. Over density increased the unemployment rate which pushed unskilled and illiterate women and girls to this sector. In other hand, easy excess to enter in adult entertainment without requirements of qualification, skill and experience pulled them to the sector.

Female entertainment workers are subjected to various forms of violence including sexual abuse. In the absence of adequate proper laws and policies to control exploitation in the sector the workers are frequently exploited. Thus CAP Nepal has been implementing this program to address comprehensive needs of the entertainment workers especially of minors through following activities.

Support to Women and Girls Working in the Entertainment Sector.

Counseling Awareness Legal mobile (CALM) services :

With the core concept “if they cannot come to us, we should go to their neighborhood” CAP Nepal has been implementing Counseling Awareness and Legal mobile (CALM) services. Within CALM services CAP Nepal provides, basic health check up, psychosocial and legal counseling to the female entertainment workers by conducting mobile camp to the places with high density of entertainment establishments.

Empowerment and Enrichment Workshop

CAP Nepal conducts empowerment and enrichment workshop for its beneficiaries in different social, health and legal topics including life skill trainings to enhance their knowledge and confident level.

Stakeholder engagement Program:

CAP Nepal publishes a magazine named Sankalpa (Commitment) to educate and aware public, boundry actors and policymakers on the issues of commercial sexual exploitation and other abuses linked to it. Similarly CAP Nepal conducts media campaign, media workshops and advocacy programs to establish the right of the female entertainment workers.

Meditation and self realization program:

Realizing that meditation with self realization is effective tool for people who feel isolated, suffer from guilt, low self esteem, anxiety, stress and other psychosocial problems to be healed, CAP Nepal has been conducting meditation and self realization classes for the residents and other beneficiaries.  

Major Sessions of the meditation classes are:

Session 1: Meditation on hope and healing

Session 2: Meditation for empowerment

Session 3: Meditation for safety and containment

Session 4: Meditation on healing shame

Session 5: Meditation on self soothing

Session 6: Meditation for grief and letting go

Session 8: Meditation on celebrating victory

Session 9: Meditation to heal self-blame

Session 10: Meditation on embracing freedom

Session 11: Meditation for feeling loved

Our social workers carefully plan the women's reintegration into society by finding them: a suitable employment, a safe and welcoming community to live in.

Formal Education Support Program

CAP Nepal has been implementing formal education support program for the women working in the entertainment sector and their children. Under this program CAP provides formal education and support to the girls we work with. CAP Nepal has been supporting 50 children for formal education regularly. They are provided with school materials and clothing. CAP Nepal coordinates and lobbies along with several government schools, to provide scholarships to the girls that we identify as the most in need.

Social Service Unit

CAP Nepal facilitate in running social service unit in Paropakar maternity and women hospital in Kathmandu Nepal under the ministry of health and population. Through this program, CAP facilitates to provide full or partial subsidies in medical services to six major categories of patients. They are 1. Poor 2. Helpless 3. Elder citizen 4.female community health volunteers 5. People with disabilities 6. Survivors of gender based violence.

Youth Awareness Program

CAP Nepal conducts different youth centered programs. Like, mental and spiritual wellbeing activities, awareness and orientations; drama and school programs.